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Get Shorty TV series to film in LA and New Mexico

Los AngelesA TV drama version of Elmore Leonard’s comedy drama novel Get Shorty is scheduled to film in Los Angeles and New Mexico. 

The story follows a Nevada hitman who tries to become a Hollywood film producer but ends up dragging elements of his organised crime past with him to California.

Leonard’s novel was previously adapted into a well-received 1995 film of the same name with John Travolta, Gene Hackman and Rene Russo.

The Get Shorty series is produced by MGM Television for the cable network Epix, and is created and executive produced by Davey Holmes.

“Elmore Leonard's work was formative for me, and the world of Get Shorty felt ready for a reinvention, while staying true to the creative spirit of the book,” said Holmes. 

“Leonard had a fantastic ability to illuminate thuggish characters and find not only menace, but also comedy that springs from their humanity. It's a story about murderous tough guys with wistful dreams and fragile egos.”

California is specifically looking to appeal to TV productions, with a boosted film fund largely allocated towards television.

Six high-profile TV series relocated to California between June 2015 and the summer of this year – after initially filming outside the state – and collectively they spent almost $330m.

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