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Czech Republic hosted major TV series in 2016

BritanniaThe Czech Republic hosted three major international TV series in 2016, with period dramas Britannia, Knightfall and Genius all filmed in the country.

Britannia (pictured) doubled the country for the British Isles of the mid first century AD, while Knightfall is set during the last days of the Knights Templar in 14th century Europe.

Genius is National Geographic’s first scripted series and tells the story of the celebrated scientist Albert Einstein.

Total production spending in Czech Republic reached a little over $100m over the course of a combined 330 filming days from nearly 30 different international shoots. The country was particularly popular among German producers. 

“You have beautiful and diverse locations here, landscapes untouched by civilisation,” said Anne Thomopoulos, a producer on Britannia. 

“Foreign filmmakers are generally only aware of Prague, which is unfortunate. I can truly say that the Czech Republic is one of the most beautiful places in the world.”

The Czech Republic is one of Eastern Europe’s top filming locations partly because of the country’s cheaper production costs and its 20% incentive. Shooting does tend to focus on the capital Prague, where Barrandov Studios offers ten sound stages and a large backlot.

For more on filming in the Czech Republic see our production guide.

Image: Stanislav Honzik/Film United


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