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New York plans to extend filming incentive

New YorkNew York has proposed extending its filming incentive support programme, Deadline reports, in a move that should help sustain the state as one of America’s top production hubs.

The state offers a 30% refundable tax credit as a base support measure and while the programme was already set to run through to 2019, the early extension would replenish the film fund. 

New York City is one of America’s most iconic cityscapes but productions are also incentivised to film outside Manhattan.

Crime caper Ocean’s Eight – featuring an all-female leading cast – is among the latest high-profile films to shoot in New York City.

“New York is an incredible state for filming, both visually and logistically,” said Michael Walbrecht, vice president of public affairs for Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., when Ocean’s Eight was first announced in the autumn. 

“We have set our story in and around New York City and we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else to capture the look and feel of such a distinctive city.”

New York’s specialist filming resources include Silvercup Studios, which opened a new facility in the South Bronx last summer.

Some filmmakers however, are deciding to shift locations in pursuit of easier production logistics. The 2014 superhero movie The Amazing Spider-Man 2 became the biggest movie ever to film entirely in New York, but new film Spider-Man: Homecoming was shot largely in Atlanta.

Similarly, director Paul Feig filmed his New York-set Ghostbusters movie mostly in Massachusetts, building a Times Square set on a Boston airfield.

Nonetheless, New York looks set to remain a filming hub, challenged by North American cities like Atlanta, Toronto and, Vancouver and Los Angeles.  

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Editor's Note (19/1/17) - This article has been amended after incorrectly stating that the incentive extension had been confirmed, rather than proposed.