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Filming for superhero TV show boosts Vancouver

ArrowLocation filming for the Warner Bros. superhero TV drama Arrow has been a huge hit for Vancouver, with a new report revealing the benefits of hosting a long-running show.

Arrow is based on a DC Comics character. The series tells the story of a billionaire playboy who spends years stranded on a hostile island before finding his way home and choosing to fight crime as a vigilante with a bow and arrow as his weapon of choice.

The drama has filmed five seasons in Vancouver, spending CA$360m in British Columbia (BC), including nearly CA$75m for the most recent series, according to a study reported by Motion Picture Association – Canada. 

“Arrow is just one of today’s most popular television superhero series that call BC home and demonstrates the many benefits of a sustainable incentive programme that attracts investment, creates jobs and makes a positive impact on local business and communities,” said Wendy Noss, president of Motion Picture Association – Canada.

Over five seasons, Arrow has spent money with 825 separate businesses in British Columbia including studio facilities, visual effects companies and hotels.

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Arrow has become a strong example of how long-term production industry support can attract high-spending TV shows for years at a time. British Columbia’s stable and generous filming incentive has been a major factor in this success.

Vancouver’s ease of access from Los Angeles has also helped the Canadian city win the favour of Hollywood producers. California has started to respond, however, having boosted its own filming incentive tax credit with a focus on TV, which has recently helped deliver shows like HBO’s high-end drama Westworld.

In the UK, Game of Thrones has helped rejuvenate Northern Ireland’s production industry and is considered an international model in terms of how to maximise the impact of a long-running TV series.      

Image: The CW Network