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Kong filming delivers $70m for Hawaii

Kong in HawaiiNew monster movie Kong: Skull Island filmed scenes on location in Hawaii and generated around $70m in local economic activity.

Kong became the biggest film production ever to shoot in Vietnam, but also spent more than a month shooting on location in Hawaii, which is the most popular US production location for jungle and tropical settings.

Direct production expenditure included more than $8m on rentals and purchases for set decoration and general production, and $5m on accommodation, according to figures from the Motion Picture Association of America.

“Through [Hawaii’s] film tax credit, a production receives a 20% rebate on Oahu expenses and 25% rebate when they film on a different island like Skull Island did when they filmed on Kauai,” said Irish Barber, of crew labour union IATSE Local 665.

“Extending our film tax incentive beyond 2018 will retain Hawaii’s reputation as a film-friendly locale.”

Kualoa Ranch, 25 miles from Honolulu, was a primary location for Kong and was used to build a boneyard set designed to illustrate the backstory of Kong’s species. Ohulehule Forest Conservancy in the nearby Waikane Valley was also filmed, while Oahu’s Chinatown doubled for 1970s Saigon.

Location filming in Hawaii generally focuses on Oahu – home to state capital Honolulu – which offers cheaper production costs and a larger local crew pool. 

Oahu is scheduled to host new Marvel TV series The Inhumans as one of its larger upcoming shoots. The production will be based on a former naval airfield and is expected to deliver up to $100m in local economic activity.     

For more on filming in Hawaii see our production guide.

Image: Warner Bros. Entertainment.