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New film studio opens in Vancouver

VancouverMartini Film Studios has opened as a new 150,000 sq ft production facility in a city district east of central Vancouver.

Adapted from an existing industrial building, the new studio has eight stages and nearly 40,000 sq ft of office space.

The development means Vancouver now offers 2.75m sq ft of studio space overall, according to details from British Columbia’s creative sector agency Creative BC.

A generous filming incentive, world-class studios and experienced crews have helped turn Vancouver into one of North America’s top production hubs, in the process creating a high demand for studio space in the city.

Last autumn Skydance Studios – also an adapted production space – was opened in a nearby Vancouver suburb to host filming for the Netflix sci-fi series Altered Carbon. Before that, a TV version of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events booked itself into Ironwood Studios, which is similarly an adapted space.  

British Columbia faces growing competition from Los Angeles, which specifically incentivises established TV shows to relocate. In the last few weeks producers on Lucifer and Marvel series Legion both separately announced they would be moving production from Vancouver to California.

Vancouver is currently hosting filming for Liam Neeson’s new action movie Hard Powder, and a second series of A Series of Unfortunate Events starts shooting in the next few weeks.