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New York extends filming incentive support

New York CityNew York has extended its filming incentive through to 2022 in a move that will help the state sustain its profile as one of America’s top production hubs.

The New York State Film Tax Credit Program is worth up to 30% of eligible local spending and has an annual fund of $420m.

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) welcomed the move, which was mooted back in January. 

“MPAA and our member companies applaud governor [Andrew] Cuomo and the New York Legislature for coming to agreement on a state budget that includes a three-year extension of the production incentive programme,” the MPAA said. 

“This will ensure stability and predictability for television and motion picture producers that utilise one of the most successful incentive programmes worldwide. 

“New York will continue to create thousands of jobs and add billions of dollars to the New York State economy as even more television series and feature film productions will locate in the Empire State.”

An iconic cityscape makes New York City a massively popular filming location and an additional studio complex was recently announced as part of a planned redevelopment in Brooklyn. However, there are limits to what producers can shoot locally, especially for big-budget action movies.

Fast & Furious 8 is a high-profile recent example and doubled Ohio for New York for more extreme stunt work.

“New York is very congested and restrictive as a filming location,” said Eric Hooge, supervising location manager on Fast & Furious 8, in an interview with KFTV.

“Stunt work is basically impossible so it was a matter of working out what they would actually let us do. We used Cleveland for everything else.”