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Denmark makes filming deal with China

Great Wall of China

Denmark has signed a filming deal with China that will enable Danish films co-produced by China to bypass the latter’s strict annual quota on foreign movie releases.

Chinese films shooting in Denmark will be able to apply for funding from the country's Danish Film Institute (DFI).

“The DFI's international department has been working on the agreement for a long time and we are sure that Danish companies will be able to seize the opportunities,” said Henrik Bo Nielsen, CEO of the DFI.

“Culturally, too, there is something to be gained. The encounters that take place when we exchange and co-operate on art and culture are both inspiring and necessary for mutual understanding and good relations across national borders.”

Denmark is gradually building its relations with the Chinese film industry, with various co-production projects already in development. Danish supernatural fantasy The Shamer’s Daughter recently secured a release in China, becoming only the second Danish film in a decade to get access to the lucrative Chinese market.

China is looking to gradually build its ‘soft power’ on a cultural level by forming co-production agreements with countries around the world.

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