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Hawaii extends filming incentive with funding cap

Jurassic WorldHawaii has extended its filming incentive through to 2026, but also plans a $35m-a-year funding cap for the overall programme.

The Pacific state offers a base 20% filming incentive – rising to 25% for productions shooting on the archipelago’s smaller islands – and caps per-production payments at $15m.  

Production professionals have said the $35m funding cap could be limiting as Hawaii looks to broaden its appeal to more big-budget films and TV shows. However, the cap will not take effect until 2019 and the state government has suggested there will be room for further compromise next year, local media outlet KITV reports.

Georja Skinner is chief officer of the Creative Industries Division, the organisation that oversees the Hawaii Film Office.

“I think the impact would be that it would limit the business we would be able to attract,” Skinner told the outlet of the funding cap. "I think we can sustain two TV series certainly, and a portion of a feature film that would be interested in pushing forward or rolling over.”

Hawaii is the main US filming location for jungle settings. Productions tend to shoot exteriors on the islands and film their studio work elsewhere in the world. Puerto Rico and Costa Rica are among the archipelago’s primary international competitors. 

Jurassic World (pictured) filmed its location work in Hawaii and the untitled sequel will return for exteriors in the next few months following studio production in the UK. Marvel’s TV series The Inhumans is set to spend up to $100m filming in Hawaii, using a former naval base as an adapted studio space. 

Image: Chuck Zlotnick/Universal Pictures