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Georgia top filming choice for US movies

GeorgiaGeorgia was the most popular filming location for US films released in 2016, with the UK and Canada taking second and third places.

Georgia hosted 17 of the top hundred most successful US films of the year, although the UK, Canada and California were close behind, according to a study from Los Angeles location filming agency FilmLA.

The UK actually claimed the top spot in terms of production spending from US shoots, at more than $1.1bn, with California coming second at $850m. 

Overall, production spending in California was higher than all its competitors combined, but filming in the state is dominated by low-budget web content as its tax credit support for big-budget features is still quite limited.

“California’s top competitors are investing substantial sums to attract new feature projects with large production budgets,” said Paul Audley, president of FilmLA. 

“This study provides an updated look at California’s position within this space and reaffirms the highly competitive nature of tax credits and rebate programmes worldwide.”

For more on filming in Georgia and for local contacts see our production guide.

Nationally, the US hosted just under 60% of its top hundred most successful films of 2016, which is in fact the country's lowest share in four years. 

Marvel president Kevin Feige recently commented that Marvel would film more of its superhero movies in California if the tax credit supported big-budget movies more effectively. The studio has based its films largely at Pinewood Atlanta Studios for the past few years. 

In contrast, Netflix has pledged to shoot more original content in California, in spite of the higher production costs.

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