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Mortal Engines wraps New Zealand filming

Peter Jackson

Filming has wrapped on futuristic sci-fi movie Mortal Engines at Stone Street Studios in New Zealand’s capital Wellington.

Based on books by Philip Reeve, the story is set in a future where cities roam the world mounted on enormous wheels and consume smaller ones as part of ‘municipal Darwinism’. 

The film was shot entirely at Stone Street Studios, reports Fairfax Media.

Co-written and produced by New Zealand’s movie magnate Peter Jackson (pictured), the production is the directorial debut of one of Jackson’s long-term collaborators Christian Rivers, who is an Oscar-winning visual effects expert.

Wellington is New Zealand’s feature production hub. High-profile recent visitors have included the sci-fi film Ghost in the Shell, which transformed part of the city into a Hong Kong-inspired metropolis.

The country offers a base 20% filming incentive and in the last couple of months committed a further NZ$240m to funding the support programme for another four years.

For more on filming in New Zealand see our production guide.

Image: Todd Eyre/Warner Bros. Entertainment/Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures