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Tsunami disaster movie to film in Los Angeles


Disaster movie Tsunami LA will film on location in Los Angeles and in the nearby Mexican state of Baja California.

Directed by action veteran Simon West, the project will be set in Los Angeles and will tell the story of an enormous tsunami devastating the city, according to a Deadline report.

“In this movie I will show the audience a totally transformed vision of Los Angeles,” West told the entertainment news outlet.

“I’m going to transform the iconic city into a bizarre submerged version of itself. Imagine a deadly, watery and deserted version of Disneyland.”

California is now a more viable filming location, especially for lower-budgeted features. 

Baja Films Studios is best known for its water tank facilities and has recently hosted ocean-set episodes of the zombie TV drama Fear the Walking Dead.   

Large-scale disaster movies are back in fashion in Hollywood, driven in part by Dwayne Johnson’s growing star status as an action hero.

The star had success with earthquake film San Andreas, which largely doubled Australia for California. Johnson recently wrapped monster movie Rampage in Atlanta and is currently working on Skyscraper, which focuses on a devastating fire in a high-rise building and is shooting in Vancouver and China.   

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Image: Media