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Marvel filmed Inhumans in Hawaii’s forests and cities

Marvel’s upcoming TV series Inhumans chose to film in Hawaii partly because of the close proximity of jungles, forests and urban environments.

Karim Zreik is senior vice-president of original programming at Marvel Television and attended the Edinburgh International Television Festival in Scotland to introduce footage from the Inhumans series.

Hawaii, commonly known as the 50th US state, is a popular filming location for American movies and TV shows primarily because of its jungle visuals,
but Zreik explained that the archipelago offers a lot more.

Inhumans is also having an innovative start, launching its first two episodes in IMAX cinemas before reverting to network television.

Zreik revealed that filming with IMAX cameras was a learning curve for Marvel and impacted the shooting style of the series’ action sequences, as the format doesn’t suit fast editing, whip-pans or handheld operation.

While Marvel’s big-budget features are generally based in Atlanta, the company’s TV output has focussed production in New York, although the scope is now expanding westward with upcoming series Cloak & Dagger based in New Orleans.

“The city is another character in the series,” Zreik told the Edinburgh audience.

Marvel has historically filmed its feature productions extensively in the UK, but Zreik remained non-committal about the prospect of shooting a TV series in Britain. “We remain open to the possibility,” he said.