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Tom Cruise filmed in Georgia for American Made

American MadeTom Cruise and filmmaker Doug Liman shot mainly on location in Georgia for the true-life thriller American Made.

The film is based on the story of Barry Seal, a former commercial airline pilot in the early 1980s who ended up running drugs and guns working for both the CIA and a Colombian drug cartel.

American production hub Georgia doubled for the Arkansas town of Mena for the shoot, which was where Seal and his wife set up their illicit business in 1981.

Specifically, producers spent five weeks filming in the town of Ball Ground, 50 miles north of Atlanta, which was dressed to look like 1980s Arkansas.

Ball Ground’s Cherokee Airport housed a set for Seal’s airline enterprise and also doubled for a Nicaraguan airstrip.

Stage work was filmed at Atlanta Media Campus, a production facility just outside the city.

Georgia is the most popular part of the US for American feature production due to its generous filming incentive support, flexible locations and experienced crew base. Marvel is a prominent high-profile visitor and regular resident of Pinewood Atlanta Studios.

For more on filming in Georgia see our production guide.

Images: Universal