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San Diego starts unique filming incentive to attract indie filmmakers

San Diego San Diego is to get a regional film office in a bid to attract smaller, independent filmmakers and TV pilots.  

According to the San Diego Union Tribune, local film producer Jeff Deverett is launching the San Diego Regional Film Commission with help from the non-profit San Diego North Economic Development Council.

The aim is to promote the area as a film-friendly destination by liaising between crew and producers, helping with sourcing locations and providing subsidies as an added incentive. 

Deverett told the outlet he hoped to build enough momentum with private subsidies to persuade local government bodies to eventually contribute with tax credits to help the area compete with more popular filming locations. 

The area of San Diego has not had a central film office to co-ordinate producers’ needs since the San Diego Film Commission closed four years ago. 

Deverett told the local news site: “My team and I have created an innovative and unique regional subsidy program to attract indie filmmakers from across North America to produce their films and TV shows in San Diego.

“This program is different than any other film/TV financial incentive program across the country. It’s much easier for indie filmmakers to access and administer, and financially more lucrative.”

Productions will receive a 25% subsidy of their production spend in the region, which will run on top of the statewide California tax credit. The local subsidy is aimed very much at the low-budget end of the market including TV pilots, with qualifying criteria including a spend of at least $350,000 and with a cap of $1.5m. 

Deverett added: "We can't really handle the big stuff here — we're just not ready. We have to walk before we run because we don't have a lot of resources."


Photo via Free Cantea.