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Chile promotes new filming incentive


Chile is promoting its new 30% filming incentive to international film and TV producers.

Filmmakers will need to work with a Chilean production company and spend at least $2m locally, and per-production payments will be capped at $3m.

Chilean officials want the pilot incentive to boost film tourism, as well as elevating Chile’s international production profile. 

“The development generated by audiovisual investments goes beyond the economic activity associated with the investment itself,” said Cristian Diaz, director of investments at Corfo, Chile’s production development corporation, which is one of the agencies running the incentive.

“Countries like New Zealand, or cities like New York, to name just two, are strong examples of the impact on the touristic development of those territories, which in those cases, and in terms of income, may be even higher than the benefit originating directly from the audiovisual industry.”

Chile is already popular as a filming location for commercials, with its long and scenic coastal roads regularly used for car advertisements. The wilderness visuals of the Atacama Desert also appeal to international producers. 

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