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Naomi Watts to film period movie in New York

Brooklyn BridgeNaomi Watts is set to star in and executive produce new movie The Wolf Hour, which will film in New York and will be set during the city’s infamous blackout riots of 1977.

The story will follow Watts as a woman who was a counter-culture icon of the 1960s, but who becomes tormented by an unseen individual during a summer when the so-called ‘Son of Sam’ serial killer was loose in the city.

Alistair Banks Griffin will direct The Wolf Hour, which will be fully financed by Bradley Pilz Productions.

New York is regularly filmed for stories with period settings, but producers have to be creative about the parts of the city they shoot as there is only limited architecture suitable for period pieces. 

HBO drama series The Deuce is set in and around Times Square in the 1970s, but a specific area of northern Manhattan Island had to be dressed to resemble the location itself.

Elsewhere, Todd Haynes’ feature Wonderstruck is partly set in New York in both the 1920s and 1970s, and the production team used parts of Brooklyn to stand in for Manhattan, according to a report in New York media outlet amNewYork.

“New York in the 1920s was prosperous and buzzing, which contrasted with the New York of the 1970s,” said Kim Jennings, the film’s art director, in comments to the outlet. 

“The journey our two lead characters take through the city was carefully constructed. [We found] pockets in Brooklyn that had remnants of the feel of Times Square and the Upper West Side of the 1970s and we went in and added to it.”

Cincinnati, 640 miles west of New York in Ohio, is building a profile as a reliable stand in for mid-20th century New York, with healthy incentive support, period-appropriate architecture and a less busy cityscape that can be easier to film.

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