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TV drama Arctic Circle to film in Lapland


Television drama Arctic Circle will start filming in the next few weeks in Helsinki and Finnish Lapland as a Finnish-German co-production.

The series will follow a Finnish police officer who discovers a dying sex worker in a remote cabin in the Finnish wilderness.

The officer joins forces with a German virologist when they discover the prostitute is infected with a mysterious virus and the two become embroiled in a broader, more sinister investigation.

Finnish director Hannu Salonen will helm the series, building on credits that include German TV drama Shades of Guilt.

Arctic Circle is a co-production between independent Nordic production house Yellow Film & TV, and Bavaria Fiction. 

The Finnish Lapland Film Commission, operating as House of Lapland, has been involved in the pre-production process to help the Arctic Circle team choose filming locations and to connect the producers with regional support services.

“Lapland provides us with a landscape that has its own unique story, wide open expanses of snow, never-ending vistas and of course a sky that changes from azure blue to the Aurora Borealis,” said Alan Sim, executive producer at Finnish digital entertainment service Elisa Viihde, which will premiere Arctic Circle in 2018.

Finland now offers a 25% rebate as a formal filming incentive and is a particularly popular location for northern European shoots. 

Appealing to bigger-budget Hollywood productions is more of a challenge given the scale of international competition, but the country did host scenes for Joe Wright’s assassin thriller Hanna back in 2011. 

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Image: Ylonen


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