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Nicole Kidman filming Destroyer in Los Angeles

HollywoodNicole Kidman has started filming new thriller Destroyer on location in Los Angeles, along with co-stars including Tatiana Maslany and Sebastian Stan.

The movie has secured financial support through California’s filming incentive tax credit system.

Kidman stars in the story of a detective who is sent undercover with a gang in the Californian desert, with disastrous consequences.

Feature films shooting in LA only sparingly use the city’s studio facilities, according to a new report from Los Angeles location filming agency FilmLA. 

Studios in Los Angeles were nearly fully occupied throughout 2016, but their stages and back lots were largely used by one-hour dramas and half-hour TV comedies. 

California’s filming incentive currently favours TV projects. The state has had some recent successes attracting big-budget movies like A Wrinkle in Time, Bright and the upcoming superhero movie Captain Marvel, but these are relatively few and far between, and generally film on location.    

The Hollywood studios more frequently film their big-budget features outside California, although earlier this year Netflix announced plans to increase its spending on California-based content, despite the limitations of the state tax credit.

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Image: and OneInchPunch