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Tom Hanks war movie to film in Baton Rouge

LouisianaTom Hanks will shoot the Second World War movie Greyhound in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with the USS Kidd being used as a location for the film.

The movie is being funded by FilmNation Entertainment and is scheduled to spend nearly $30m filming in Louisiana. Production will be based at Celtic Studios in Baton Rouge.

Aaron Schneider will direct the fictional story of the commander of a US Navy destroyer who wrestles with self-doubt when he is put in charge of a protection convoy during the Battle of the Atlantic in 1942.

Hanks stars as the commander of the destroyer – named Greyhound – and also wrote the script, which is based on a 1955 novel by CS Forester.

“We are excited to welcome the Greyhound production to our city,” said Sharon Weston Broome, mayor-president of Baton Rouge.

“With millions to be spent in our state for this Celtic Studios-based production, local crew and vendors will benefit from having this production filming here in our capital city.

“We look forward to having our beloved USS Kidd on the big screen in this homage to a very important time in our American history."

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"This production is the start of what we anticipate to be a very busy year for filming in Baton Rouge, thanks to the new state incentive, our own local rebate and experienced film community," said Weston Broome.

Greyhound is the first major production to claim an additional filming incentive for shooting in areas of Louisiana outside New Orleans.

Celtic Studios offers a series of spacious sound stages and a back lot facility, and has hosted high-profile Hollywood shoots including the Twilight franchise, Oblivion and the ocean-set Battleship.

The USS Kidd was launched in 1943 and served in the Second World War and later in the Korean War. She is currently a museum ship berthed on the Mississippi in Baton Rouge and has appeared on-screen in the likes of Battleship and the TV drama NCIS: New Orleans.

Main page image: Francois Duhamel/STX Entertainment. Article image: FreeImages/Lisa Christine Tam