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Peter Jackson’s Mortal Engines gets extra rebate

Mortal EnginesFuturistic sci-fi feature Mortal Engines has received an extra tax rebate under the New Zealand Screen Production Grant 5% uplift. 

The additional discretionary bonus is given to films that can prove a wider economic benefit to New Zealand. 

Mortal Engines, which shot entirely in New Zealand and qualified for the government’s initial 20% tax rebate, joins Ghost in the Shell, Pete’s Dragon and Avatar in having successfully won the top-up grant. 

Mortal Engines was produced by Peter Jackson, Zane Weiner, Amanda Walker, Deborah Forte and Fran Walsh with New Zealand director Christian Rivers at the helm. 

Rivers said of the project: “It’s a testament to the skill, talent and imagination of New Zealand crews that they are able to completely fabricate these other worlds that have never been seen before. Our crews are extraordinary.”

Filming took place over around four months in Wellington earlier this year, mainly using Stone Street and Avalon Studios as well as a few small local exterior locations. More than 1,000 New Zealanders were contracted during principal photography. 

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