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US Virgin Islands appeal to international filmmakers

US virgin islandThe director of the US Virgin Islands’ film office has been highlighting the fact that the location is once again open for business following two devastating hurricanes. 

In an interview with Deadline, Luana Wheatley stressed that the region is once again ready to receive international filmmakers, and underlined the availability of the tax incentives that came into effect in March last year. 

The scheme offers up to £2.5m in tax credits and rebates – including up to 29% in the form of a cash rebate - with the whole fund still up for grabs this year. 

It is perhaps not surprising that nobody has applied for the incentives since the programme was launched: the damage caused by the two Category 5 storms has been extensive with around 10% of the islands’ power still down and internet coverage erratic. 

However, Wheatley was keen to stress that housing and units for visiting production teams are available and English-speaking local crews are ready to support incoming projects.  

She told the outlet: “We’ve got assistant directors, camera operators, art and marine departments and production assistants. The dollar is our currency, and we have custom waivers for importing and exporting equipment, which is a significant savings.

"There’s not a lot of equipment on the islands, so you will have to bring in some kind of equipment package. But we’re open for business, and that’s the bottom line.”

Photo via Free Linder.