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Abduction movie filming in Sweden and Tenerife


Writer and director Amanda Kernell is shooting abduction feature Charter on location in Sweden and Tenerife (pictured).

The story follows a desperate mother who attempts to abduct her own children to avoid losing custody of them, according to a Screen report.

“We present audiences with higher production values and a dynamic choice of locations – from the Swedish deep winter above the polar circle to the lava beaches and desolate desert of Tenerife,” producer Lars G Lindström told Screen. 

“With Amanda Kernell’s powerful writing and directing skills, and a dedicated cast and crew from almost all of the Nordic countries, we want to create a modern drama that has the potential to travel far beyond our Scandinavian borders.”

Charter is being produced by Nordisk Film Production Sveriges and supported by numerous Nordic film bodies. The feature is receiving filming incentive support to shoot on Tenerife and is being serviced locally by Orange Valley.

Also set for a Spanish shoot is heist movie Way Down. Freddie Highmore will star and produce the feature that is scheduled to shoot in and around Madrid with Spanish director Jaume Balaguero.

Set in 2010, the story will be shot in English and follows an engineering graduate who joins a gang of treasure hunters to rob a Madrid bank while the city is distracted by the football World Cup finals in South Africa.

The film is being made with the involvement of Spanish TV channel Mediaset España and French channel TF1.

Location filming is also scheduled for coastal regions of both Spain and the UK.

This week, Netflix announced its backing of five new Spanish productions, in addition to multiple renewals in the country. 

See KFTV's production guide for more on filming in Spain.



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