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Vancouver and NY chosen for US drama pilots

New York

Vancouver and New York have been the most popular cities for US drama pilots this season, with Los Angeles and Atlanta rounding out the top four.

Productions using Vancouver locations include a one-hour drama based on 1987 cult vampire movie The Lost Boys and a pilot for a Batwoman series.

New York shoots include a sequel drama to iconic 1990s crime series NYPD Blue and forensic criminology production Lincoln, the story for which was previously adapted into 1999 thriller The Bone Collector.

A pilot for planned NBC series Triangle filmed in New Zealand and as such was the only US show this season to shoot outside North America. The production has shades of the hit drama Lost, positing that the Bermuda Triangle is in fact a land lost in time that has trapped ocean travellers for millennia.

British Columbia approved tax credit support for 452 separate productions in the 2017-18 fiscal year, with feature shoots among the most popular. 

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