Exclusive: Aproductions keeps filming in Spain

KFTV talks to their team about the careful measures they’re taking to shoot indoors

By Chris Evans 25 Mar 2020

Exclusive: Aproductions keeps filming in Spain
Susan E. Walker, Aproductions

Facundo Ruiz, head of the Barcelona office, and Susan E. Walker, an international producer at Aproductions, a full-service production company, talk to KFTV about how they’re continuing filming projects for clients during the Coronavirus crisis….


We are still producing some projects for some of our clients here in Barcelona. We implement strict sanitary rules and guidelines and we provided a “sanitary kit” for the crew in the studio to avoid any possible chance of infection. 

Of course, these are micro shootings that occur indoors in controlled spaces like a studio with only the essential crew members and following all the sanitary measures, so this is not extendable to any kind of production that doesn´t take place in a controlled environment.

And it’s been quite effective. Over the last three weeks we have shot a film commercial and have done a different Ph production this way with very good results.

Only the absolutely necessary crew members and talent remain on set, such as the photographer and models, while even the producers have to work remotely and the clients through a virtual video village.

After trying this effectively we are aiming to implement the same workflow for our clients in Madrid and other cities by using trustworthy studio spaces that can implement these sanitary guidelines.

This virus may be a temporary pause for big productions but where there is a will there is a way and deadlines can still be met safely.

We need to be more creative than ever and adapt our productions to the present times

At the end of the day If we, the industry of creativity, is not creative, who else will be?

We hope this little experience can encourage our partners, clients and other production houses to find the way to overcome this moment of uncertainty for all of us.


Thanks to technology we have the means to produce content without the need for physical interaction.

We are used to providing creative solutions to ensure that productions go as smoothly as possible.

During these complicated times there are still many creative ways to continue to produce content.

Studio shoots with only key members, podcasts with broadcasters with their own at home recording tools, motion graphics such as animation, assemble previously filmed material together to create something new while text overlays can be used to relay an impactful message.

Here at Aproductions we are taking all of the necessary precautions to remain safe, our producers are in front of their computers waiting to use this time wisely and bid on future productions as well as help use all of our tools to jump into the preproduction process.

For the last two weeks we have been safely filming in studios where only the essential crew and talent are present while we producers work remotely along with the agency and client through a virtual video village.

Podcasts are easily recorded with broadcasters who have their own equipment at home.

Motion graphics or animated video can be used to tell a story, where these images are computer generated or hand draw.

We can remix previously shot material and create a new powerful message while text can amplify it´s potential.

We are still working and are always available to help with future bids and any production needs you may have. Under the current circumstances, we can help organize studio shoots with the necessary sanitary precautions that can help meet your deadlines needs.

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