Exclusive: Italy's Veneto region offering €5m fund for European productions

Tender for production companies to apply starts tomorrow

By Chris Evans 2 Apr 2020

Exclusive: Italy's Veneto region offering €5m fund for European productions
Verona, Italy

The Veneto regional government in north-east Italy is launching a €5m fund for European film and TV productions that shoot in and promote the area, as part of efforts to draw productions back to the country once the coronavirus situation is better.

A tender (POR FESR 2018 – 2020) is to run from tomorrow until June 15 for producers to submit their projects for the fund. Although it is worth noting that the language of the tender is Italian.

The total fund value is €5m; of which €4m is for TV series & feature films, €500,000 for animated features and €500,000 for Shorts and documentaries.

Each selected project can receive up to 40% of the production costs (50% for shorts & docs) with the maximum amount limited to €1.3m for a TV series or feature film, €500,000 for an animated feature, and €50,000 for a short film or documentary.

Minimum local spend must be at least €200,000 for TV series, features and animated features, and €20,000 for shorts and docs.

The project must have at least 50% of costs already covered (25% for docs & short films) with distribution deals earmarked—no letters of intent. Projects are chosen on a points-based system.

Small or medium sized production companies based in the European Union can apply, but the crew must be “heavily” local, i.e. from the Veneto area. The more local the crew and costs are, the higher the point total, which is determined along with other territory-specific criteria.

A number of documents must be presented when applying, including synopsis, treatment and script of the film or pilot of a TV series, with director’s notes; filmography of EP or co-producer, writers, director, director of photography, production designer, costume designer, editor, composer of original music and graphics designer.

Successful applicants will be chosen by the governor Luca Zaia, who stresses the need for projects to highlight in a positive way the Veneto territory, excluding Venice. So Padua, Vicenza, Verona etc. The project must also have a “name” attached to it, so it can be distributed internationally. 

The funds will be paid out as soon as the winners are decided. The projects must be completed within 2 years for TV Series, 18 months for features and animated features, and 12 months for shorts and docs.

For more details on the fund click here.

 Further assistance can be provided by Kevin Granahan Television production, based in Conegliano in the Veneto region.

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