Stella Blómkvist Series 2 begins filming in Iceland

“We are getting used to producing large productions in the times of COVID-19" - producer Anna Vigdís Gísladóttir tells KFTV

By Nia Daniels 29 Oct 2020

Stella Blómkvist Series 2 begins filming in Iceland
Image via Red Arrow Studios

Filming is underway on location in Iceland after the neo-noir crime drama won a recommission from Icelandic broadcaster Síminn TV and streamer Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group). 

Stella Blómkvist is produced by Sagafilm with support from the Icelandic Film Centre and the Ministry of Industries and Innovation. 

Based on the best-selling crime novels of the same name, the drama (Season 2: 3×90’ / 6×45’) is directed by Óskar Thór Axelsson and Thora Hilmarsdóttir and stars Heida Reed as a quick-witted lawyer. 

Smart and ruthless, with a dark past, a fluid sexuality and a taste for whiskey and easy money, Stella takes on cases that always lead to danger; and the only thing she likes about rules is breaking them, or using them to break her opponents.

The series is set in Reykjavík, where most of the scenes are being filmed, both during daytime and night-time shoots. This week, the team is filming at a famous tourist attraction, the Golden Circle on the south coast of Iceland. 

As producer Anna Vigdís Gísladóttir explained to KFTV, the production has been able to use some of the more popular tourist spots as, due to the Covid situation, the normally busy locations have been free from visitors.

The crew and cast are travelling in production buses as each production base varies from location to location. 

She expounded: “We have the crew and cast in separated groups and use a color-coordinated system for the production. Where there is not possible to meet the 2 meter social distance limits then the crew needs to wear masks. 

“The cast members need to practice the scenes with masks before taking them off for the actual take. Of course the regulations from the government can quickly change but we are always prepared adjust to new rules and regulations.

“We are getting used to producing large productions in the times of COVID-19, this summer we shot the upcoming crime drama series Sisterhood and the feature Wolka. 

“Stella Blómkvist 2 is our third large production since the pandemic but this is of course challenging and we‘re following very strict rules but we are eager to continue producing more.”

The first run of Stella Blómkvist drew record viewing figures on Síminn TV in Iceland, more than doubling the channel’s average rating, and received eight nominations for Eddan Icelandic Film and TV Academy Awards.

Iceland has a thriving domestic screen sector and also attracts major inward investment projects. It also now boasts a dedicated filming facility, Reykjavik Studios, and was one of the first territories to get production back up and running following the Covid shutdown in spring 2020.

Recent high-profile projects to have filmed in Iceland include George Clooney's The Midnight Sky for Netflix and Will Ferrell's comedy feature, Eurovision.  
Image: Red Arrow Studios. 

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