EXCLUSIVE: KFTV publishes comprehensive sustainable production report

Read the supplement packed full of comments from leading production and sustainability figures about managing green issues on set and how new tech is changing the filming landscape

By Chris Evans 26 Oct 2021

EXCLUSIVE: KFTV publishes comprehensive sustainable production report
Jurassic World: Dominion. Credit: Universal

KFTV has launched its in-depth report about sustainability in the film and TV sector, sponsored by Media Flights, available across the KFTV, Screen, Broadcast and The Knowledge websites from this week....


The supplement has been put together by Chris Evans, Locations Editor of Screen International and KFTV, who has spoken to leading film commissioners, production figures and sustainability consultants and experts to gain their tips and insights on tackling green issues.

Areas covered include…

  • Sustainability on set (waste management, transport, catering, construction, lighting etc)
  • Impact of Covid on the sustainability agenda
  • The role of sustainability consultants
  • New green initiatives, certifications and carbon calculators
  • Emissions targets
  • New tech changing the landscape, including virtual production
  • Where the industry is heading in the coming months

We have included three case studies of top film and TV projects – Netflix’s The Crown, Universal’s Jurassic World: Dominion and Fox’s The Woman In the Window – with insights from the sustainability consultants involved on how their impressive sustainability measures on set, including re-cycling the dinosaurs, dramatically decreased emissions and cut costs.

The report will be a printed supplement sent to key industry professionals and inserted into the November edition of Screen. It will also be a digital page turner on KFTV, Broadcast, Screen and the Knowledge.

We will also be hosting a virtual Talk on sustainability, covering some of the key areas of the report, on 1 December. To find out more and be a sponsor of the event, please contact Sarah.keegan@mbi.london.

Sustainability Report Sponsor: Media Flights

Media Flights provide specialist travel services & discounted flights to TV, film, entertainment, production, broadcasting and other clients within the media sector. The company also offers an 'Enhanced Sustainability Package' that enables the industry to create a positive environmental impact when shooting internationally and encourages it to go beyond Net Zero carbon emissions and work towards achieving net negative carbon emissions. This includes integrating world-leading emission tracking and calculation tools to produce itemised Section 31 reporting.



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