Florida propose tax credits up to $2m for film and TV

A senator proposed bill aims to encourage more filming in the state having "lost close to 100 film and TV projects in the last five years"

By Melissa Kasule 13 Jan 2022

Florida propose tax credits up to $2m for film and TV

Florida senator Joe Grutuers has proposed tax credits of up to $2m for film, television and digital media productions to boost the entertainment industry in the state. 

The senator proposed a bill creating the Targeted High Wage Production Program within the department of economic opportunity under the supervision of the commissioner of film and entertainment.

The programme will require that film, television, and digital media projects being produced in the state meet specified criteria to be eligible for tax credit awards and receive awards up to a specified amount, including bonuses. This includes making a good faith effort to use existing providers of infrastructure or equipment in the state and to employ local residents.

In order to qualify, a film production would need to spend a minimum of $1.5m, while TV productions would have to spend at least $500,000 per episode. In addition, 60% of crew members are required to be from Florida, and at least 70% of the production is to take place in the state. 

Florida is the only state in the southeast and one of the few states without a program to compete for film and television projects, with the last program for the film, television and digital media industry having been shut down in 2016. 

Since then Florida has lost out to 100 major film and television projects that would have spent over $1.5bn statewide as well as created 125,000+ cast and crew jobs, according to the Florida Association of Counties.


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