Exclusive: Baltasar Kormákur builds new film studio complex in Iceland

The filmmaker is to expand his existing Reykjavik Studios with a new facility that will deliver stages, housing and office space. 

By Melissa Kasule 29 Mar 2022

Exclusive: Baltasar Kormákur builds new film studio complex in Iceland
Baltasar Kormákur

Construction is underway on two new studios with apartments in Reykjavik with the aim to create a film village in the region, the renowned Icelandic director, Baltasar Kormákur (Everest, 2 Guns) told KFTV.

In addition to his existing Reykjavik Studios, the two new studios include an approx. 40,000 sq ft of total production space located in Gufunes near the sea, 10-15 mins away from the city centre.

Costing approximately $30m, the project will comprise 30,000 sq ft office space and provide 800-1000 apartments for filmmakers and crew working at the studio. There will also be post-production facilities, sound stages, soundproofed walls and a dining area.

“I want to move the Icelandic film industry forward and bring more productions that can come to the region for more than just the locations. With the additional new studios there is potential to do things in Iceland we haven't been able to do before. If plans to increase the Icelandic rebate go ahead, that will boost business, welcoming longer shoots to the studio,” said Kormákur.

“I've worked in a lot of studios here in London but wanted to build something different, he added.

“It will be like a film village where people are able to live in a creative environment near the studios and could also have more companies working at the facility. The idea is it will be like trying to put Pinewood in Soho.” 

The director also expressed plans - if permitted - to build a third, more high-tech studio on another plot of land nearby. Construction on the building, which will host the European Film Academy party in December, will be complete later in the year. 

The film and TV production sector in Iceland is flourishing, with a raft of projects filming in the country recently, including Hulu's Washington Black, Netflix's Heart of Stone, and FX series Retreat. The location has seen a boost in production from international projects that initially planned to shoot in Eastern Europe but have diverted following the war in Ukraine. 



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