KFTV talks to producer Jez Swimer about filming S3 of Vienna Blood

The popular period crime series, currently in production, is spreading beyond the Austrian capital

By Chris Evans 25 Apr 2022

KFTV talks to producer Jez Swimer about filming S3 of Vienna Blood
Vienna Blood S2 filming in Austrian capital. Credit: Endor Productions/MR Film

The Austrian crime drama Vienna Blood received a third season order from commissioning broadcasters ORF in Austria and ZDF in Germany and is now in production in Vienna.

Matthew Beard and Jüergen Maurer star, respectively, as psychiatrist Max Liebermann and Inspector Rheinhardt, who team up to solve murders in Vienna in the 1900s.

The first two three-episode seasons of Vienna Blood aired on PBS in the United States and on BBC Two in the UK.

Endor Productions, a subsidiary of global production group Red Arrow, is producing Vienna Blood together with Austria’s MR Film, with Oliver Auspitz and Andreas Kamm as producers. 

Here KFTV talks to Vienna Blood producer Jez Swimmer of Endor Productions about plans for season 3…

Are you just shooting in Vienna or other Austrian (and foreign) locations too? If so, where and why? 

In the past we’ve shot Vienna Blood mainly in Vienna and Lower Austria to naturally capture the authenticity of Vienna in 1908 and to avoid spending too long on the road. This season we’ll wander a little further across the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

What makes Austria, and Vienna in particular, so appealing to film in? 

It’s very easy on the eye with picturesque locations that we don’t see so much of on screen in the UK. It’s an easy city to move around. For the cinephile there’s a fabulous filmic heritage to dig into. And the crews are hardworking and diligent.

How long are you filming S3 for? 

14 weeks.

Are you doing any studio work? If so, where and what for? 

Very little. We rarely use studios on Vienna Blood unless practicalities force it. For example, shooting inside the relatively small cabins of the Riesenrad, Ferris wheel while it rotates, 60m up in the air made a studio the right solution. We’ve also used a studio for greenscreen/stunts before but tend not to spend more than a day or two in studio across the schedule.

Is it easy to film in Austria?

Endor’s Vienna based co-producer MR Film takes care of all of these aspects.

Are you using mostly local crew? How good are they? Any international crew involved as well? 

Yes mostly local crew – they are brilliant. Our voice coach comes from the UK for natural reasons. Post-production also takes place in the UK.

Will you be accessing local funding? If so, what? Is it a straightforward process? 

Yes, again our Austrian co-producer MR Film is the expert and handles that side of things.

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