Exclusive: New World of Locations 2022 issue

The latest issue is packed with insights from leading production figures about what they're filming where and how, and what each territory has to offer as a filming location

By Chris Evans 12 May 2022

Exclusive: New World of Locations 2022 issue

The new issue of KFTV and Screen's World of Locations magazine (May 2022 - October 2022) dedicated to surveying the global production landscape is now available to read as a digilink. CLICK ON THE COVER AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS ARTICLE....

Our writers and correspondents have spoken to producers, location managers and on-the-ground production fixers from around the globe to report on the opportunities and challenges of shooting feature films and large-scale TV series in some 49 territories, states and regions.

It is a huge number and for producers there is now a lot of choice. To help with this decision-making, World of Locations clearly defines what criteria a production needs to meet to access financial incentives, whether they can be combined with other mechanisms, and at what point in the shoot a producer can expect to receive them.

We also get to grips with how film-friendly a location is, what local cultural and social traditions should be respected and just how easy it may or may not be to get to.

Crew depth is now a big issue given the global production boom. We make efforts to state how many large-scale features a location can comfortably handle, as well as provide up to date information on new and existing studio facilities.

Plus, in our exclusive features we explore some of the weird and wonderful services provided by local fixers and production services companies around the world (p6-7), and how British infrastructure and crew are increasingly being used to double the UK for the US (p4-5).



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