Exclusive: World of Studios EMEA Supplement published

Read KFTV and Screen's new in-depth studios supplement covering the EMEA region

By Chris Evans 12 May 2022

Exclusive: World of Studios EMEA Supplement published

KFTV, Screen International and World of Locations have launched a comprehensive new World of Studios supplement focused on Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA region) ahead of the Cannes Film Festival in May. CLICK ON THE COVER IMAGE BELOW TO READ IT.

This is the second edition of our World of Studios supplements, following the huge success of our UK supplement.

With content creation exploding once more, producers are scrambling to book facilities and filming spaces across the EMEA region. And in return, studios are building new sites or expanding existing ones to accommodate the demand.

That is why it is more important than ever to have the right tools at hand when firming up your location choices, with your studio base being at the heart. This is where our comprehensive guide to studios in the EMEA region will prove so vital.

We profile key studios across western, southern, northern and eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, ranging from the huge, state-of-the-art facilities with multiple sound stages, to the smaller, more intimate spaces that happily house one-day commercials shoots. Plus, pretty much everything in between – converted sites, expanded lots and plots and virtual production studios.

Details include their location, size, infrastructure and key offerings. As well as the vital contact details, of course.

We even include sites that are still under construction, albeit with productions already taking place inside them, like Nu Boyana’s new studio in Thessaloniki, Greece and MovieBox studios in the Algarve, Portugal. Plus, we've included an in-depth editorial report about the rise and importance of virtual productions and studios and how they're impacting the filming landscape.

We hope you find this a useful guide to studios in the EMEA region; please get in touch with any advertising queries for next year’s edition.

Next up is our World of Studios supplement focusing on the Americas, expected in August/September 2022.


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