Apple signs deal with Futuro Studios to turn podcasts into series

The deal - worth up to $10m - could see the tech giant's podcasts evolve into shows on its subscription platform  

By Priyanca Rajput 11 Aug 2022

Apple signs deal with Futuro Studios to turn podcasts into series
Credit: Futuro Media Group

Apple has signed an agreement with Futuro Studios to increase its in-house podcasts and potentially convert them into TV series on its Apple TV+ subscription platform.

The tech giant have signed an agreement with the Pulitzer Prize-winning studio and is holding talks with other companies about additional deals, according to Bloomberg.

The agreement with Futuro (maker of the criminal justice series Suave) will see the studio fund development and production of podcasts, in return for the first chance to turn any series into a TV+ movie or show.

Bloomberg adds that Apple has spent up to $10m on this deal and arrangements with other studios.

They have already announced podcasts with At Will Media, Campside Media, Jigsaw Productions, and Pineapple Street Studios.

Futuro Studios is the creative division of Futuro Media. Podcasts so far include Suave, Idolo: The Battle of Chalino Sanchez, Anything for Selena, Norco 80, Con Todo: Brown Love, The Battle for 187, and Radical Imagination.

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