“It felt like we were this travelling circus together in Greece,” Kathryn Hahn

The director and cast of Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery talked about their shooting experiences and Netflix support at the closing night film’s LFF press conference

By Chris Evans 17 Oct 2022

“It felt like we were this travelling circus together in Greece,” Kathryn Hahn
Rian Johnson. Credit: Getty Images for BFI

“Travelling to and shooting in Greece during the pandemic meant we had to run a tight ship,” Kathryn Hahn, star of Glass Onion: A Knives out Mystery, said yesterday.

“We had to create a bubble for the cast and crew in this beautiful environment. The rules of the game outside the movie meant we were like a travelling circus together, which then added to the texture of the movie and the dynamics between our characters. You can feel it like a fizzle and fizz, and there was a closeness that we were able to create under those tricky circumstances.”

Hahn was talking at the murder mystery film’s press conference on Sunday 16 October, alongside the director, Rian Johnson, producer Ram Bergman, and fellow cast members, including Daniel Craig, Edward Norton and Janelle Monae.

Bergman added with a smile: “Most of my job was making sure no one got Covid while we were filming.”

Craig later told KFTV that he [and the cast] “enjoyed the experience of shooting in Greece, which is a beautiful country. The locals were very supportive and we managed to all work together well, despite Covid.”

Glass Onion premiered at the London Film Festival yesterday to a lively audience. The film boasts an impressive ensemble cast whose characters are brought to an island by a tech billionaire to solve a murder mystery.

“I feel like we’ve caught a new wave of people rediscovering the joys of the murder mystery genre and what’s not to love about a group of interesting, wealthy characters all trying to kill each other,” laughed Johnson.

The first film, Knives Out, backed by Lionsgate, proved to be a hit with critics and at the box office back in 2019.  This latest instalment in the mystery franchise is backed by Netflix, which will release the film on its platform on 23 December, following a theatrical release in select cinemas from 23 to 29 November.

Talking about the transition to Netflix and the theatrical distribution, Johnson said: “The script for Glass Onion was written before the deal with Netflix and so it didn’t affect things creatively. We’re just trying to make the best movie every time. Plus, I’m thrilled that Netflix has made the deal for the film to get a theatrical release too. I love people watching at home, but seeing a film with a crowd is special.”

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