Four production studios being developed in Fót, Hungary

NFI Studios is set to be one of the largest production hubs in Hungary, providing a total of 12,600 sq m 

By Priyanca Rajput 19 Dec 2022

Four production studios being developed in Fót, Hungary
Studio construction in Fót. Credit: NFI

Construction on four new production studios is underway in Fót — as part of the Hungarian National Film Institute’s (NFI) largest publicly-funded studio development in Fót.

According to the Budapest Reporter, the development has reached the halfway juncture. It will include one of the largest film studios in Hungary, with a floor area of 4,945 sq m and 18m in height.

The expansion will see the construction of four new film studios, adding a total of 9,890 sq m of space to the current 2,692 sq m of studio space, for a total of 12,600 sq m, in a bid to attract and host large-scale blockbuster productions to Fót. 

The outlet adds that two of the four new studios are connectable, providing a total of 5,000 sq m of space.

“As a major economic factor, the Hungarian film industry employs nearly 20,000 professionals and brings significant benefits to the country, mainly in the form of foreign exchange earnings. With the rise of streaming content, film production spending has been growing steadily in recent years, and preliminary estimates suggest that spending in 2022 will increase by another 20%.

“The expansion of domestic studio capacity will provide a competitive advantage in the international environment and will also help to serve state-supported Hungarian productions, thus putting the Film Institute‘s public service activities in a new perspective,” says Csaba Káel, government commissioner for the Development of the Hungarian Film Industry and president of the National Film Institute.

A 40-seat projection screen will also be built, and the Fót site will be expanded with 3,000 sq m of office space, catering units and 7,300 sq m of storage capacity.

The development began last summer and is being carried out in several phases, with full completion scheduled for mid-2024.

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