Hungary boasts record spend in 2022 film industry revenue

Spend in the film industry was up 20% compared to 2021

By Priyanca Rajput 17 Jan 2023

Hungary boasts record spend in 2022 film industry revenue
Csaba Káel. Credit: Hungary Film Commission

The Hungarian film industry revenue has hit a record high — with total registered spend exceeding 250bn forints, a 20% increase compared to 2021.

Csaba Káel, government commissioner for the development of the Hungarian film industry and chairman of the National Film Institute told local outlet Origo that the record total predominantly comprised of foreign currency earnings.

In an interview, he said: “Budapest has become Europe’s second biggest base of film production after London, with top producers shooting with the world’s biggest stars. The same professionals who worked with Ridley Scott, for example, are available for Hungarian productions.“

Comedy feature Riviera East (Nyugati nyaralás) became the most successful Hungarian film in 2022.

Káel also lauded FILMIO, the first Hungarian public streaming service. “It is very popular, we are constantly developing it, and the film offer is growing every week. Most of the Hungarian film heritage of the last 121 years is now available in high quality and, after cinema and TV shows, FILMIO is the first place to watch the latest films, feature films, documentaries, short films and animations,” the government commissioner said.

However, the commissioner noted that the number of cinemas had plummeted in the last decade, with almost only the mall cinemas surviving. “The majority of Hungarians cannot go to the cinema, or can only do so at a huge cost,” he added.

According to Káel, European cinema, streaming, and television distribution must be bolstered. Continental productions in cinemas are scarce and there is no common streaming platform. The country also seeks a higher percentage of European films on television.

“Distribution generates revenue, and last but not least, European films help us to get to know each other better and strengthen the experience of national and European identity,” he emphasised.

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