Maine considers new incentives for film industry

The Opega report indicates the current tax credit isn't attracting adequate production to the state

By Priyanca Rajput 27 Mar 2023

Maine considers new incentives for film industry

Maine's film industry leaders are considering greater tax incentives to lure more productions to the US state.

Filmmakers are hoping to become more competitive when attracting film crews to the area, according to a report by Maine News Centre.

The state currently has a 5% tax credit in place, but the Office of Programme Evaluation & Government Accountability is seeking to revamp the reimbursements.

In a report presented to the Government Oversight Committee last week (24 March), 54 media productions were recorded over the last decade, utilising one of Maine's current visual media incentive.

According to the Opega report, the number is low and indicates that the current incentive is not attracting adequate productions to the state.

The report also showed Maine's wage reimbursements were significantly lower than other states with only 10% offered to non-residents and 12% for residents. The majority of other states fell into 20-35% range, with neighbouring state Massachusetts offering 25% credit on production and payroll.

A public hearing following the report will be carried out in April to address the findings. Lawmakers will also hear a bill to try to attract more film companies to Maine with the goal of adding jobs and increasing tourism. 

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