Sony launches VP studio in Shanghai, China

"Sony aims to empower the creators in Virtual Production by providing advanced technology, products, and solutions"

By Priyanca Rajput 17 Apr 2023

Sony launches VP studio in Shanghai, China
VP studio. Cr: Sony (China)

Sony has opened a Virtual Production studio in Shanghai, China to facilitate film, TV and commercials shoots.

Launched last month (March 2023), the studio is jointly operated with Gwantsi, one of the country's largest commercials production companies, as per Variety's report.

The VP studio features an 83 sq m screen that uses Sony Black Color Crystal B series LED screens at a height of 5.47m and an arc length of 15.2m, together with the tech giant's CineAltaV 2 movie camera, a Sony 4K HDR monitor and an Epic engine for VP. Other features include wide angle filming, close-up filming, two-camera operation and software that controls the LED’s colour temperature.

The screen’s high brightness and low reflection levels mean that studio lights can be used simultaneously with little interference.

Given the rapid pace and reliance on VP technology in more recent years, the opening will see less need for location travel, cut set-up times, shorten post-production and provide a more life-like environment for talent than traditional green-screen environments. 

The pandemic also saw a rise in the use of the technology due to social distancing requirements and travel restrictions created by Covid-19.

In a statement, the company said: “Sony aims to empower the creators in virtual production by providing advanced technology, products, and solutions. Sony and Gwantsi share the same vision for the industry and a strong sense of responsibility and mission, both are making joint efforts to build a high-quality virtual production studio in China, and contribute to China’s virtual filming.” 


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