Marvel's Elizabeth Olsen praises stunt doubles

"There is a double for a reason."

By Gabriella Geisinger 24 Apr 2023

Marvel's Elizabeth Olsen praises stunt doubles
Elizabeth Olsen; Cr: Gage Skidmore

Elizabeth Olsen praised the use of stunt doubles during an appearance on The Late Show.

The Marvel star told Stephen Colbert that she has found doing most of her stunts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe "ridiculous" for a variety of reasons. 

She described doing stunts attached to a wire particularly, saying: "Your stomach leaves you. It’s like, I guess, the joy people get on roller coasters, which I don’t get, but people love that feeling."

Olsen added that when she was first doing stunts, she would just laugh. However now, she has "definitely recovered from my giddiness. Sometimes I'm just like, 'Okay, how many more of these do you want? I can do this all day,' kind of thing. But sometimes I get a little freaked out."

Recalling doing a stunt for the recent Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness where she had to be dropped from 30 feet in the air, she said: "They wanted to drop me pretty quickly so that it looked like it had an impact, but I kept landing like Peter Pan, kind of like fencing. I was like, 'Just use the double. This is so ridiculous. There is a double for a reason.'"

In the end, however, Olsen said they went with her take, adding: "We've had so much technology, growth through these movies, and they just chose to really use me." Olsen did most of her own stunts in the Sam Raimi-directed movie, but added  that it was "a waste of everyone’s time because a stunt double does it so much better."

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