Q&A with Vantage Pictures EP James Duong

"On this job, are working with a challenging budget, but are still able to pull off a global look for this product launch film."

By Sponsored Content 20 Jun 2023

Q&A with Vantage Pictures EP James Duong
James Duong; Cr: Vantage Pictures

Vantage Pictures is an international video production company with offices in the United States, Vietnam and Hong Kong. Their focus on commercial storytelling is imbued with fresh, creative points of view.

They pride themselves on bringing a multicultural touch to globally produced content, helping brands reach the widest possible audience in an authentic way.

Their services cover everything from concept and strategy at pre-production levels, through to shooting, post-production, VFX, and more. Boasting a keen eye for international commercial storytelling, KFTV spoke with executive producer and co-founder James Duong to talk about Vantage's upcoming projects and what makes Vietnam as a location stand out. 

What international projects have you been working on recently?

Vantage Pictures recently serviced a job for The Coca-Cola Company. We shot in Can Tho, the largest city in the Mekong Delta, famous for its fertile land and floating markets.

We shot for three days capturing the beauty of the river and the people. 

What projects do you have coming up?

We are producing a mostly studio build shoot for the camera company Insta360. One of the benefits to shooting in Vietnam is the affordability of local crew, including Art Department.

On this job, are working with a challenging budget, but are still able to pull off a global look for this product launch film.

Insta360, Creative Director Paul Moore, Production Company Vantage Pictures, Executive Producer	James Duong

Which filming locations are proving popular at the moment and why?

Saigon with all the major studios and gear houses, is always a popular place to film. It has a mix of modern skyscrapers and beautiful French colonial architecture. You can also reach the forest, mountains, and the sea, all within 1-2 hours from the city centre.

How has Vietnam been changing regarding local studios, financial incentives, and its infrastructure?

The film industry has new regulations to provide better and safer working conditions for our crew. 15 hours is now considered a regular working day (which is still longer than most other countries) and crew has a hard out at 18 hours.

What key things should international producers know about filming in Vietnam?

Acquiring permits and dealing with local authorities is a must in any country, and Vietnam is no exception. Working with a good local production house is important to get all the local permitting done.

Generally speaking, commercial and short form content film permits can be expedited to around 2 weeks. Crew visas can be acquired within 3-5 days. Also, Vietnam now has Evisa available to over 80 countries.


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