Julie Delpy's new movie Les barbares currently filming in Brittany

It is her seventh feature as a director

By Gabriella Geisinger 18 Jul 2023

Julie Delpy's new movie Les barbares currently filming in Brittany
Julie Delpy; Cr: Magnolia Pictures

Filming on Les barbares began on is currently taking place in Brittany.

Per Cineuropa, filming will end on 28 July, however IMDBpro lists filming as continuing as of September 5. 

Delpy stars in the film as well, and is joined by multi-award-winners Sandrine Kiberlain, Laurent Lafitte, India Hair, and Jean-Charles Clichet.

Also starring are Ziad Bakri, Mathieu Demy, Marc Fraize, Brigitte Rouän, Fares Helou, and Albert Delpy (the director's father, who often appears in his daughter’s films).

The screenplay was written by Julie Delpy, Matthieu Rumani and Nicolas Slomka in collaboration with Elsa Domenach, with George Lechaptois as director of photography.

The film is set in the heart of a small village in Brittany, whose municipality has decided to welcome a family of Ukrainian refugees. Except that the refugees who arrive aren’t Ukrainian, but Syrian.

Les barbares is produced by Michaël Gentile for The Film, and has been pre-bought by Canal+ and Disney+.

The feature film is also supported by the La Banque Postale Image, Cinécap, Cineventure, Indéfilms, Cofimage and Cofinova Soficas. 

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