Seth MacFarlane donates $5 million to out-of-work film and TV crew fund

The American animator/director previously donated $1m to the Entertainment Community Fund

By Gabriella Geisinger 26 Sep 2023

Seth MacFarlane donates $5 million to out-of-work film and TV crew fund
Seth MacFarlane; Cr: Gage Skidmore

Seth MacFarlane, best known for Family Guy, has donated $5m (£4.09m) to the Entertainment Community Fund, having previously donated $1m. 

As part of the donation, MacFarlane and the ECF are also creating a $10m (£8.19m) initiative with the goal of attracting more donors. 

The ECF, previously the Actors Fund, disseminates funds and services to out-of-work film and TV workers including writing assistants, production assistants, key grips, gaffers, lighting and sound designers, script supervisors, people working in craft services, hair and makeup professionals, wardrobe insiders and others. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the fund has distributed more than $7.4m (£6.4m) to more than 3,515 production workers as of September 19.

The emergency assistance covers living expenses such as rent, groceries, health insurance, medical bills and mental health support.

In a statement, ECF chair of the board actress Annette Bening said: "There aren’t enough words to express our tremendous gratitude to Seth as he continues to help those in need, all while inspiring others with this call to action to do the same."

"At this rate, we’ll need at least $10m to continue helping people in the coming weeks. Seth’s gift is an incredible contribution to help us be able to do that, and we hope others join in as well."

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