World of Studios: Spotlight on Animation

Leading animation studio execs and animators speak about trends they’ve seen come and go, the big bad AI wolf and the optimism they share in telling incomparable stories through animation

By Gabriella Geisinger 2 Oct 2023

World of Studios: Spotlight on Animation
Courtesy of Cartoon Saloon

Say the word 'animation' and it brings to mind many things. From classics like Looney Tunes to the contemporary magic of the Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse films, animation runs the gamut.

Yet to the minds of many, animation is synonymous with children’s entertainment, relegated to Saturday morning cartoons. To reduce animation — an entire creative field of storytelling — to one type of audience does a disservice to the animators who employ cutting-­edge technology alongside inimitable creativity.

What some of 2023’s biggest films have proven is that animation is for grown-ups too, if we want it to be, and can achieve some of the most heart-rending stories we have the pleasure of seeing.

With that in mind, we spoke to animators and executives at some of the biggest animation studios globally, including DreamWorks, Aardman, Studio Chizu, ShadowMachine, Framestore, Cartoon Saloon, and many others, about what makes them tick. 

Read the full feature in our World of Studios Autumn 2023 edition. 

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