The King's Man sequel in the works from Matthew Vaughn

"We're calling it The Traitor King."

By Priyanca Rajput 17 Oct 2023

The King's Man sequel in the works from Matthew Vaughn
20th Century Studos / Walt Disney Pictures

Director Matthew Vaughn has confirmed a sequel is in the works for The King's Man, a direct follow-up to his 2021 Kingsman prequel. 

The 2021 Ralph Fiennes-led film followed a band of history’s worst criminal masterminds as they plot a war to wipe out millions, prompting one man in a race against time to stop them.

While the prequel served to explain the WWI-era origins of the Kingsman secret intelligence service first revealed in 2014’s Kingsman: The Secret Service, The King's Man's post-credits scene featured Daniel Brühl’s villainous character Erik Jan Hanussen introducing Russian revolutionary figure Vladimir Lenin to a young Adolf Hitler, paving the way for the tentatively titled The Traitor King.

Speaking to Collider at this year’s New York Comic Con, Vaughn revealed his plans for a continuation of The King’s Man and how it would follow on from the prequel’s post-credits tee-up. 

“The next one it’s it is about the rise of Hitler, and how Hitler did come to power and basically was supported by the English aristocracy… [We’ve] written it and it's pretty cool." 

"So I was like, 'well that's interesting' and how the world was worrying so much about Communism, that Fascism rose up. And I look at the world at the moment, everyone getting distracted and worrying about this [and that] and if you worry too much about [this] bad things can happen here. So it is a story that I think needs to be recalled. We're calling it The Traitor King."

Vaughn also revealed that he had a different vision for the prequel before it became a feature length film.

"The King's Man was originally meant to be a TV series and I got persuaded to make it as a film. What we wanted to do was something like 'The Crown' but with espionage and a bit of a Kingsman hit going through all of the decades."

Casting details for the sequel have not been announced and an exact filming date is to be announced for 2024. 

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