Toei Animation to expand international production with hubs in Italy, Mexico

Execs from the Japanese film production company spoke at this year's Tokyo International Film Festival Content Market (Tiffcom).

By Gabriella Geisinger 25 Oct 2023

Toei Animation to expand international production with hubs in Italy, Mexico
One Piece; Cr: Toei Animation

Toei Animation, the Japanese production company behind Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Slam Dunk amongst others, confirmed plans to open European and Latin American offices.

Speaking at the 36th Tokyo International Film Festival Content Market (TIFFCOM), senior executives from Toei Animation revealed their global production plans and cited local offices as key to their success.

"Every county has its own needs, so going forward when you think about overseas strategy, it has to be customised," Senior executive, Shinohara Satoshi said. "And we heave to consider language barriers," he added, citing Europe and mainland China as areas where regional outposts are necessary. He revealed that Toei is in the process of setting up an office in Italy, with plans for one in Spain

He further added that having an office in Mexico serving Latin America would be a "game changer" and that the company has its sights set on developing a production hub in the Philippines as well. 

Masayuki Endo, Toei Animation Incorporated President & CEO in Los Angeles, appearing via Zoom, further added that simultaneous release schedules were a boon to box office results. However, he cited production needs — such as dubbing — as potential hurdles. 

The company also has its eyes on expanding its footprint to include countries within the African continent. 

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