Eurimages announces funding for 29 international co-productions

Ilker Catak (pictured) and brothers Tarzan and Arab Nasser are among the fund's recipients

By Gabriella Geisinger 28 Nov 2023

Eurimages announces funding for 29 international co-productions
Ilker Catak; Cr: Martin Kraft CC BY-SA 4.0

The results of the third Eurimages Project Evaluation Session of 2023 have been announced.

Recipients of the third round of funding include Ilker Çatak (The Teachers’ Lounger) for Yellow Letters, and Arab and Tarzan Nasser for Once Upon A Time In Gaza, a co-production between France, Germany and Portugal.

Ildikó Enyedi’s Silent Friend (a co-production between Germany, France and Hungary) received the largest amount awarded at $547,780 (€500,000), alongside Philippe Riche's animated Girl in the Clouds

The Executive Committee of the Fund selected 29 feature films to grant support, totalling $8.8m (€8.1m). Of the 29 co-production projects, 14 are to be directed or co-directed by women. Included in the 29 projects are 7 documentaries and 3 animated films; all projects must be a minimum length of 70 minutes. 

The support granted includes soft loans or subsidies (co-production support) or subsidies (promotion of co-production and exhibition). The soft loans are repaid on the basis of revenues generated by the projects. The Eurimages fund was set up in 1988 and since has supported 2,438 international co-productions with a total of approximately $758m (€694m).

Below is a full list of the recipients:

Butterfly - Itonje Søimer Guttormsen (Norway): $426,955 (€385,000) (Norway, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden)

Climate in Therapy - Nathan Grossman (Sweden): $77,413 (€70,000) Documentary (Sweden, Norway)

Cuba & Alaska - Iegor Troianovskyi (Ukraine): $165,075 (€150,000) Documentary (France, Belgium, Ukraine)

Drowning Dry - Laurynas Bareiša (Lithuania): $165,075 (€150,000) (Lithuania, Latvia)

Everytime - Sandra Wollner (Austria): $418,862 (€380,000) (Austria, Germany)

From Dawn to Dawn - Xisi Sofia Ye Chen (Spain): $88,288 (€80,000) Fiction / Documentary (Spain, France)

Gavagai - Ulrich Köhler (Germany): $382,994 (€340,000) (Germany, France)

Girl in the Clouds - Philippe Riche (France): $569,250 (€500,000) Animation (France, Belgium)

House of Stairs - Wi Ding Ho (Malaysia): $455,400 (€400,000) (Canada, France, Belgium)

I'll Be Gone in June - Katharina Rivilis (Germany): $341,550 (€300,000) (Germany, Switzerland)

Last Letters from my Grandma - Olga Lucovnicova (Belgium): $165,075 (€150,000) Documentary (Belgium, Romania, Netherlands, Moldova)

Like Any Other Mortal - Maria Molina Peiró (Netherlands): $55,025 (€50,000) Documentary (Netherlands, Spain)

Love Exposed - Filip Remunda (Czech Republic): $110,050 (€100,000) Documentary (Czech Republic, Slovakia)

Nightborn - Hanna Bergholm (Finland): $539,125 (€475,000) (Finland, Lithuania, France)

Once Upon a Time in Gaza - Arab Nasser (France), Tarzan Nasser (France): $396,575 (€350,000) (France, Germany, Portugal)

Reedland - Sven Bresser (Netherlands): $248,850 (€225,000) (Netherlands, Belgium)

Rose - Markus Schleinzer (Austria): $506,250 (€450,000) (Austria, Germany)

Sidi Kaba and the Gateway Home - Rony Hotin (France): $429,946 (€382,000) Animation (France, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium)

Silent Friend - Ildikó Enyedi (Hungary): $569,250 (€500,000) (Germany, France, Hungary)

Skateboarding is not for Girls - Dina Duma (North Macedonia): $396,575 (€350,000) (North Macedonia, Belgium, Slovenia)

The Answer is Land - Elle Sofe Sara (Norway): $363,795 (€330,000) (Norway, Finland, Sweden)

The Captive - Alejandro Amenábar (Spain): $569,250 (€500,000) (Spain, Italy)

The Ground Beneath Our Feet - Ysra Roca Fannberg (Iceland): $52,032 (€48,000) Documentary (Iceland, Poland)

The Last Nomads - Biljana Tutorov (Serbia), Peter Glomazic (Serbia): $165,075 (€150,000) Documentary (Serbia, France, Slovenia, Montenegro, Belgium)

The Light of Aisha - Shadi Adib (Germany): $506,250 (€450,000) Animation (Spain, Germany)

The Moon is a Father of Mine - George Ovashvili (Georgia): $136,717 (€118,000) (Georgia, Germany, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Czech Republic)

The Mysterious Gaze of the Flamingo - Diego Céspedes (Chile): $160,431 (€139,000) (France, Chile, Belgium, Spain)

Year of the Widow - Veronika Liskova (Czech Republic): $264,720 (€240,000) (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia)

Yellow Letters - Ilker Çatak (Germany): $406,880 (€368,000) (Germany, France)

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