'Yellowstone' executive producers launch Georgian production company

WonderHill Studios' execs are teaming up with the Georgian government and Silk Road Group

By Gabriella Geisinger 28 Nov 2023

'Yellowstone' executive producers launch Georgian production company
Representatives from Georgian Government, WonderHills, and Silk Road Group; Cr: GNFC

Yellowstone executive producer Bob Yari and his WonderHills Studios' partner Marvin Peart have launched the joint venture WonderSilk Studios, a film production and financing company with the help of the Georgian government and Silk Road Group, the Eastern European and Central Asian investment firm. 

WonderSilk Studios will also grow and support domestic Georgian productions.

The public and private partnerships aim to help Hollywood and indie producers tap into Georgia's locations, tax credits, studios, local crew and talent. 

WonderSilk Studios also plans to expand its operation into Kazakhstan. By the end of 2024, WonderHills Studios aims to bring a several big-budget productions to Georgia and Kazakhstan

During the Memorandum of Understanding signing in mid-November, Georgia's Deputy Minister of Economy, Irakli Nadareishvili said: "In the film industry, the best model of success is based on a public-private partnership.

"I think that the participation of leading Georgian and American companies, on the one hand, and the Ministry of Economy, on the other hand, will be a successful formula in this project. In this case, success would be to have more Georgia in Hollywood and more Hollywood in Georgia."

Peart added: "As a filmmaker, lover of cinema and studio head, it has always been my dream to bridge the cinematic global universe. The more stories we tell about diverse audiences using diverse landscapes will bring us closer together as a global community. And the closer we are as a global community, will bring us closer to peace."

Georgia has a host of local production service companies. Georgian Film Studios, located in Georgia's capital city Tbilisi, hosted Fast & Furious 9. Georgia's first-ever studio production, the film was shot for 30 days from mid-August to mid-September.

Yari and Peart are co-founders of WonderHills Studios, launched at the beginning of 2023, alongside David Glasser of 101 Studios. It produces Taylor Sheridan’s slate of popular TV series, including Paramount’s Yellowstone.

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