James Cameron's 'Avatar 3' in "hectic" post-production

Cameron also reveals he will make films in New Zealand "indefinitely"

By Gabriella Geisinger 29 Nov 2023

James Cameron's 'Avatar 3' in "hectic" post-production
James Cameron and Edie Falco on set Avatar 2; Cr Mark Fellman © 2021 20th Century Studios.

James Cameron confirmed that Avatar 3 is in a "hectic" post-production phase. 

Speaking at New Zealand's Screen Production and Development Association, Cameron said: "We’re into a very hectic two years of post-production right now."

He further confirmed a tentative release date for Avatar 3 of Christmas of 2025.

He further praised working in New Zealand, saying "[production] brings so much into the economy here, it brings so much prestige to the country culturally, and it’s an opportunity for so many young people coming up to think of themselves as empowered on the world stage. We can do it here."

Cameron plans make movies in New Zealand "indefinitely".

He said: "I love the talent here, I love the people I get to work with here. And we've gotta have new people, and I'm not talking just about writers and directors, I'm talking about the tradies, the craftspeople, the dolly grip, the crane grip.

"Those are all art forms in and of themselves, and people have to be trained to come in behind because that heyday of the Lord of the Rings films... people are starting to get a little creaky in the joints," Cameron joked. 

"We need the young blood," he said. 

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