Vagabond production service company

Founder Lorenzo Benedick reveals the key factors that make Vagabond stand out

By Sponsored Content 30 Nov 2023

Vagabond production service company
Vagabond Production Services on set

Vagabond is a global network of seasoned producers offering twenty-plus years of production experience. Vagabond can offer support for any production across Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, Switzerland, Colombia, and the USA. As a company, they champion sustainability and diversity and inclusion, making them a truly forward thinking production service powerhouse.

Founder Lorenzo Benedick explains what makes Vagabond a stand-out production service company and how they can make your ideas reach their maximum potential.

The importance of local service providers

Having a local production service company is key. Vagabond can provide familiarity with local laws, regulations, customs, permitting processes with indigenous communities; assist with permitting processes (local authorities, national parks, private landowners) and navigating each permits’ specific requirements and fees. 

Vagabond can help with environmental impact assessments, which is needed in remote or protected areas. They also connect you with local crew and talent, which supports the local economy, smooth any language barriers and cultural differences, and help identify suitable locations for any production needs.

They assist with transportation and accommodation, arrangement in advance with local people who know the area which is especially in remote areas, and foster local partnerships that help the production to run smoothly which has a positive impact on budget. 

Further, Vagabond are experts with customs and import/export regulations for equipment, special wardrobe, special requirements and can offer legal consultation and advice on contracts, intellectual property rights, talent regulation (especially underage talent). 

Vagabond's international productions

Vagabond have recently worked on commercial projects with Coca-Cola, Volvo, Airbnb, Berkshire Hathaway, and Amex Delta.

Changes on the ground

There has been an increase in virtual studios. There are also very aggressive tax rebates in Spain and Colombia for long format projects, which Vagabond can assist in securing. 

Working to any creative vision

Vagabond supports any kind of project, adapting to any brief and creative vision thanks to more than 20 years of experience in the production service world. 

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